Mainimo Etienne Mengnjo


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About Arthur Springs

George is an ambitious energized individual, who believes in service and love for all. He is currently an Accountant, Trainer, and Entrepreneur.

Skill set:

Preparation of financial statements, – salary treatment, – taxation awareness, – Interpersonal, – skills, and more.

I am good in the field of teaching, Journalism, Photography and filming script.

Mainimo Etienne Mengnjo is a teacher and a journalist. He is a multi-talented person who has understood the dynamics of the present society. His push in making things right in the society has made many to admire his works. As a journalist working for the leading English by-weekly tabloid, The Post, he is specialized in photojournalism. With love and aiming to give back to his community, Etienne Mainimo is part of the staff of the Bui Community Radio in Kumbo, Bui Division in the Northwest Region of Cameroon.